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Our Viapath Nutris support team have provided answers to the most frequently asked questions here. Still have questions? Contact us using the form below or call 0207 188 5290 and we will be happy to help you.


How It Works

1. How does the service work?

A: Viapath Nutris offers a selection of nutritional blood tests directly to consumers without a doctor’s referral. Customers order the tests online and choose whether to have their blood drawn at the Blood Test Centre at St Thomas’ Hospital in London, or receive a postal pack and have blood drawn by a qualified professional in an authorised clinic of their choice. We also offer a home testing kit for our vitamin D blood test

For tests that require a venous sample, blood must be drawn by a qualified professional. All blood samples are analysed at the Viapath laboratory in St Thomas’ Hospital in London.

Please see How It Works to learn more.

2. Should I stop my vitamin supplementation before the test?

A: Only your doctor can advise on whether or not to stop treatment.

3. Can I make an appointment to have my blood taken?

A: At the Blood Test Centre at St Thomas’ Hospital, you can simply walk in, take a ticket and wait. Wait time is typically less than 15 minutes. The Test Centre is open 7.30am - 5.45pm, Monday - Friday, and located at St Thomas’ Hospital, Ground Floor, South Wing, Westminster Bridge Road, London, SE1 7EH. For the Viapath Nutris service we recommend visiting the centre between 8am - 4pm.

If you wish to have your blood drawn by appointment, you will need to choose the Postal Pack option and make your own arrangements with a clinic that allows you to make an appointment.

Ordering a Test

4. Can I order a test for someone else?

A: The details provided MUST be those of the patient. The email address provided will be used to correspond with you regarding your order. The email will also allow you to log in to access your Viapath Nutris account, which contains confidential patient information.

As this is a new service, we are unable to cater to ordering for someone else or to those under 16 years old.

5. How long before I can have a repeat test?

A: We are not able to provide recommendations as to testing frequency. There are many variables which may be unique to your situation or condition. The majority of our customers that order a repeat test will choose between every three months and once a year.

6. Do I need a GP referral letter to order a test?

A: No, we do not require a GP referral letter. Some insurance providers will allow customers to claim back the cost of the test, however, as every insurance plan is different, please contact your insurance provider to confirm before ordering a test, if you wish to recover the cost.

7. How do I cancel my order?

A: You may cancel your order within 28 days of purchase by contacting the Viapath Nutris Support Team and requesting to cancel your order. Contact us via the contact form in the Help Centre.

Please note that you cannot cancel your order once your blood sample has been received in the laboratory.

Getting My Sample Collected / Returning My Blood Sample

8. How do I get to St Thomas’ Hospital?

A: The Blood Test Centre is easily accessible by public transport as well as by bike and foot. See Travelling to St Thomas’ Hospital. The address is St Thomas’ Hospital, Ground Floor, South Wing, Westminster Bridge Road, London, SE1 7EH. See also Google Maps.

9. Where do I go once inside St Thomas’ Hospital?

A: Please see our map page to locate the Blood Test Centre within St Thomas’ hospital.

10. If I have a test kit posted to me, where do I return my blood sample after I have my blood taken?

A: Post your samples back using the pre-paid 1st class envelope provided with the postal pack. Put your sample in any postbox the same day that your sample is collected (even if next postal collection is the following day).

Make sure you include:

  • Completed Blood Request Form
  • Blood samples, safely enclosed in the packaging provided

Please note: Samples received without a Blood Request Form will not be tested.

If your pack does not include a pre-paid envelope, or if it is lost or damaged, then please request another postal pack using the contact form below.

Test Results

11. How will I receive my results?

A: You will receive an email notification, once your laboratory report is available to view online. Log in to your secure Viapath Nutris account to access your laboratory report. This will include a numeric result and personalised commentary by a healthcare scientist.

12. How long will it take to get my results and what is a turnaround time?

A: Unless otherwise specified on your order, results take up to 7 working days from the day we receive your sample. Turnaround time is measured from when the blood sample arrives in the Viapath laboratory and does not include weekends or bank holidays. For example, if your sample arrives at 4pm on Monday, you can expect to receive your report by Wednesday the week after.

For next-day turnaround, samples must arrive at the laboratory before 12pm to be eligible. Samples received after 12pm will be turned around within two working days.

13. What if I receive a negative result? Will you be able to advise me what to do next?

A: Your result will be interpreted by a healthcare scientist. We cannot provide medical advice. If your report indicates that treatment is needed, we will recommend that you discuss your report with your doctor.

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